Cuphead fan game based on Brothers in Arms composed by DA games and animated by Oblivionfall. 

Cuphead owned by Studio MDHR.


Arrow keys=Move

V=Ex Move 



Z=Jump/Parry (while in air)



Release date Nov 01, 2019
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(32 total ratings)
Authoromega glitch
GenreFighting, Shooter
Tags2D, brothers-in-arms, cuphead, glitch, omega
Average sessionA few minutes


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Pretty good game, but I wish the phases were shorter, or had checkpoints. As it is now, it becomes pretty tedious to get through phase 1 every time just to attempt the later phases. Still very fun though!

I would like to be able to download it since I have a very bad internet

It would actually be cool to add more shots for diversity, maybe something like charge shot, roundabout, maybe even chaser or crackshot. maybe even twist up? Please take this into consideration! Thanks! Also, Geat game.!



this game was hard atleast i beated it


Nobody cares if you beat the game

Could you maybe add checkpoints to this? just a request, and feel like people would stop yelling at this, in my opinion it's a good damn game

I Only Could Beat The Puppet Without Losing HP… When I Reach Hello Neighbor I Instantly Die… :(

add controller support

(1 edit)

Can you make a .exe download

And add controller support

i will shit and eat it

about this thing's attack patterns... there are none. it's completely random. and that's terrible, considering i wasn't able to get past the first phase. i mean, most often, i'd get foxy, bonnie, and the pizza attack all in a row, making it impossible to dodge. badly designed, try making an actual attack pattern next time.

thats funny because i made all the attacks follow the same pattern as in the original Brothers in Arms video, its always the same

It's the same exact thing every time, which means it should technically be easier than the original game since you can memorize it much more easily

can play with xbox controller?

Can I download it?

can add super ex attck plz

i beat the game

i beat the puppet, the neighbour and bendy

Yeah, nobody cares if you did


its impossible...



can i change the controls if not can you add it cuz useally i play with W  A S D

when will you update the game????

never :troll:

Damn it! Why not make a menu where you can change the buttons?

Thats facts

i defeated the first boss it was hard as hell i don't know how i beat it

Its kinda easy

accept for hello neighbor


great game but i wish there was a way to use other bullets like in the real game




dowload button😡?

web only

a entonces pa que lo publica sin o se puede ni descarga

sometimes the game starts with a black screen but otherwise its really good



With Z



try parrying as much as possible, and getting used to the controls take a few days


It's good but hard

el que creo este juego que me chupe la chota por que hizo a los jefes tan fuertes

zxqxqw qq


how did you get the assets for the boss?

can you make it so you can change the controls because Im not really not getting used to the normal controls, thanks


Great fangame! What do you think about this Cuphead fangame?

it looks amazing :0 im 100% trying it out, only complaint i have from just the trailer is that cuphead's walking seems way too slow

Thanks a lot for your feedback! Yes, the running speed varies depending on the stage.  In some it is also faster than in the original. I was faced with the problem that when Cuphead moves very fast, you don't get much of the level design and backgrounds as a player. Well, maybe I should change a few things.

Thank you for bussin game :)

This is good game but i dont click random links..

My eyes are angry

This is a phenomenal fangame version of Cuphead. I definitely had trouble of managing to stay alive.

Really good for a little fangame!


heh heh

i cant move


arrow keys


dis iz stupid



i want to use (wasd) to move not the arrows buttons and btw this is soo hard

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